Battlefield Hardline Gameplay US TV Commercial, Fast, Heart Thumping and Deadly


The freshly released Battlefield Hardline has received a brand new TV commercial as its launch trailer. The following video is only about thirty seconds long but will give you a precise idea of what Battlefield Hardline is all about. 

The video trailer features mind-blowing music, which correctly suits the fast passed action shown in the Battlefield Hardline launch trailer. This video shows off the main characters of this game, which include the newly turned detective Nick Mendoza blowing up some ugly criminals in a car chase. 

You will see the cream pie of Battlefield Hardline, Khai (Khai Minh Dao) beating a dealer to death and the famous Julian Dawes giving a piece of advice to Nick.

But that's not all, this video if completely filled with amazing action sequences like car chases, firing which is a total adrenaline rush and visually pleasing explosions. My favorite is when the car collides with a helicopter from over a bridge at the highest speed.

Battlefield Hardline comes from the one of the most creative developers studio, Visceral Games and is the brand new addition to the famous Battlefield series. Unlike the previous games in the series, Hardline will focus on crime/heist elements instead of warfare.

This game features some freshly created game modes which also include Heist, Blood Money, Hotwire Mode, Rescue and Crosshair. Some of these game modes, like Crosshair, can be thoroughly enjoyed with friends which is a 3 minutes long, 5 vs 5 mode played with one life.

Battlefield-Hardline-Bike-Chase Battlefield-Hardline-Cop-Chase Battlefield-Hardline-Getaway Battlefield-Hardline-Police-Lounge Battlefield-Hardline-Wanted Battlefield-Hardline-Zipline

Battlefield Hardline is set in the beautiful city of Miami, which is embroiled in a drug war. The responsibility of taking down these bad guys is upon Nick and Khai. Both will hunt down drug dealers to eradicate the main source of this vicious addiction. During this process they will realize that the dark roots of drugs have grabbed even those who are abided by law.

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