DOOM E3 2015 Reveal Info: Powered By IDTEch6 Engine, Lots Of Blood & Gore Confirmed, Doom SnapMap Detailed

DOOM E3 2015

Bethesda has released first DOOM Gameplay Trailer at E3 2015. The gameplay showcased in the trailer is absolutely gorgeous and if you are you fan of DOOM series you won't be disappointed. Prepare yourself as the trailer features lots of Blood and Gore. Doom is powered by IDTech 6 Engine.

In addition to this, Bethesda also showcased the first glimpse of DOOM multiplayer, you can check out the gameplay below. Last but not the least, Bethesda also announced Doom SnapMap, a tool which allow DOOM players to create their own maps and modes with ease. In simple term, Doom Snapmap Puts Map Creation in Hands of Each Player.

Doom is scheduled to launch in Spring 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.