Battlefield 1 DX11 vs DX12 Graphic Comparison Video

Battlefield 1 Graphic Test

DigitalFoundry shared a graphic performance video of upcoming Battlefield 1 on PC. Two cards were used to test the fps resolution where AMD seems to have an edge over Nvidia. The first one Nvidia GTX 1060, performs well, but AMD RX 480 has better quality and much realistic graphic output.

This is a matter of debate for future upgrades or just in case you are going to buy a new system. Nvidia GTX 1060 falls low on fps compared to RX 480 that stayed above 60.

The performance looks pretty impressive. Usually RX 480 do have a new DX supports that contribute toward gaming performance. Nvidia 1080 deliver 60fps stable and Nvidia 1070 deliver 90fps on DX11.

Still Nvidia users have enough gap to choose card above 1060 in case they feel low fps haunts them. AMD RX 480 on the other end looks gpu with high potential.