7 Minutes Of Horizon Zero Dawn Direct Capture Gameplay Shows Human Settlements, Combat Encounters

Horizon Zero Dawn Direct Feed Gameplay

Guerilla Games and Sony are leaving no stone unturned for the marketing of Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is just a few weeks away from its official release, and the developer/publisher duo looks very confident about their product, and we can make this out of the fact that they are holding multiple preview event (for the game), giving fans a chance to try out the demo before release. One such preview event took place in Amsterdam which was attended by YouTube user "Game Clips And Tips".

Game Clips And Tips has shared with us around SEVEN minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay (captured directly from PlayStation 4) featuring different combat encounters and a glimpse of one of the human settlements and scaling one of the giant robot dinosaurs.

You guys can watch the footage below. There are no spoilers in the video just shortcuts showing the world and little combat.

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