Forza 7 vs Gran Turismo Sport Graphics Comparison - Brands Hatch Circuit [Updated]

GT Sport vs Forza 7 Graphics Comparison

What is the best time to compare Forza 7 and Gran Turismo Sport? Right now considering the fact that Forza 7 is out now worldwide on Xbox One and PC and Gran Turismo Sport has been in the beta testing phase for quite some time now. Our friend at YouTube, Cycu1 didn't waste any time and compared Forza 7 vs Gran Turismo Sport Beta graphics with Chevrolet Corvette at Brands Hatch. You can watch the end result below.

Before making any conclusion - please note that Gran Turismo Sport beta footage was captured from PlayStation 4 Pro, and Forza 7 footage was captured on Xbox One S. Also, it was not possible for Cycu1 to exactly match both the footage because the time of the day and weather effects were predefined. Which one looks more realistic? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Forza 7 is out now worldwide on Xbox One. Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled to launch on October 17 on PlayStation 4.