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All endings in Citizen Sleeper, and how to get them

Eight crazy flights.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

The beginning of Citizen Sleeper involves choosing a class and upgrading your skills. As the game goes on, you’ll find more and more permutations of quest lines, leading up to several possible endings. Citizen Sleeper has eight altogether, and it’s possible to get several of them in a single playthrough. In fact, as long as you quit out during the credits, you can reload the save and even try the other choice when presented with a point of no return.

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“Endings” refer to the conclusion of other characters’ questlines, not necessarily yours. Read on to learn about all eight, how to get them, and how they potentially affect others. In case it’s not already clear, consider this a heavy spoiler warning.

A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet / Left Behind

Getting this ending involves Lem and Mina, along with the hacker Castor. Step one, you’ll need to help build the Siderail at the shipyard, found at the southern tip of the Eye. You’ll meet Lem as a part of this process — he wants to build the ship to get passage off the Eye for him and his adopted daughter Mina. Completing the Sidetrail task takes a long time, and in the end, your names will not be part of the so-called random drawing. This happens by default.

Now it’s a matter of finding a new way on board. To do this, you need to fill the meter in the Low End by completing either task there — the icon is about midway up the Eye. Once you do this, you’ll gain access to Castor’s Table. Castor can help you make your way onto the Siderail, but that requires a bit of hacking. Before you do that, however, you should spend time watching Mina at Lem’s place nearby — not doing this will lock you out of these two endings. As you spend time watching Mina, you’ll also pledge to help her and Lem find a way off the Eye.

Now you can visit the Celis Servers, a new icon near the old Siderail shipyard. Hack in, and you’ll earn some IDs for you, Lem, and Mina. Return to Castor, and he’ll give the three of you the hookup. Afterward, head to the Siderail on the departure day. Show your ID and leave with Lem and Mina for the Journey to a Small Unknown Planet ending; let them leave without you for Left Behind.

The Three Body Problem

Locks you out of A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet and Left Behind.

For this ending, follow the previous steps all the way up to hacking the Celis Servers. When you return to Castor, refuse to show Lem the IDs you acquired. You’ll discard them instead. Now when you head to the Siderail on the departure day, all three of you will be unable to board. It’s not the happiest ending, but at least it keeps you all together on the Eye.

Solo Ticket

Locks you out of A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet, Left Behind, and The Three Body Problem.

This is the meanest variation of the previous endings. For this, you want to follow all the same steps but never visit Lem and Mina’s place. Doing so means hacking an ID from Celis for you alone. Once Castor hooks you up, you’ll leave on the Siderail by yourself.

Starward Passage / The Fixed Stars

Getting this ending involves completing Ankhita and Bliss’ quest lines. Ankhita is found at the Ambergris near Dock C-4; she’ll show up later in the game. Fixing her ship is risky, so take care to use only your best dice and not ground it. When this is done, she’ll mention an old companion up by the Greenway. You’ll need to have unlocked the Low End and Founder’s Ferry to get there, as it’s at the northern end of the Eye. Head there to see the ending of her quest.

As for Bliss, she can be found near the Hub. To reach it, fill the meters around the map’s central elevator with the activities of your choice. Doing so gets you access to the lift, which connects to the upper area. Bliss’ workshop is found here, so go inside, meet her, and see her quests through to the end. This involves some other risky tasks — be smart with your dice choices again.

Once both Ankhita and Bliss’ quest lines are complete, you’ll be given one last task to get the Ambergris ready to leave the Eye. Finish that, and you’ll have the opportunity to board. Leave with your new friends for the Starward Passage ending, or stay behind for The Fixed Stars.

Grow Vast and Strange / Warmth and Light

The final set of endings involves quests for NEOVEND and Riko. NEOVEND is found through a locked door beside The Overlook, near your first home base. Complete the barkeeping tasks there to add him to your map. NEOVEND’s quests involve a lot of hacking with limited time, so be wise with how you spend your cycles. In the end, you’ll be given a choice to destroy the Killer program or spare it — spare it to keep NEOVEND alive. You’ll be granted a unique Greenway hacking key for doing so.

The other half of this involves Riko’s questline, so be sure to join the Hypha Commune in the Greenway. Meeting her there gets you access to The Aviary, where you can grow seeds. Hack the Greenway node with the key NEOVEND gave you, and you’ll meet a program called the Gardener. It will give you a mysterious seed, which you should then plant in The Aviary. Once it’s grown, it’ll sprout into a strange interface that Riko will let you try on.

At this point, you’ll encounter the Gardener again. Sever the thread that binds you to the real world, and you’ll become a program like it. This is the Grow Vast and Strange ending. Trace the thread back, and you’ll get the Warmth and Light ending instead.

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