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Hitman 3

Despite past challenges, Hitman 3 caps off a masterful trilogy

IO Interactive is finishing off its World of Assassination initiative with a brilliant run, but it wasn’t always easy.

CD Projekt has bungled its apology attempts over and over again, and it sucks

Gaming’s golden child has a lot of work to do to gain back consumer trust, and it’s off to a really bad start.

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Hitman 3

Review: Hitman 3 is an achievement in sandbox shenanigans, several years in the making

The culmination of IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy is more Hitman — which is good.

Review: In Cyberpunk 2077, the daemon is in the details

CD Projekt Red’s latest is aesthetically cyber but decidedly un-punk.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

Review: Fitness Boxing 2 has a low barrier but high cost for making exercise fun

While it feels familiar to its predecessor, and costly, this rhythm-action sequel does deliver on its simple premise.