Does Atomic Heart actually have a six hour long robot twins cutscene?

Stop trying to copulate with everything.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mundfish, the developer behind Atomic Heart, has embraced a bit of fascination behind the mechanical ballerina twins featured heavily in marketing the FPS title. Using this fascination to drive home some marketing images, somehow this turned into the suggestion that there is a six-hour, sex-driven scene between the main protagonist and one (or both) of the twins. Mundfish didn’t immediately dispel the rumors, either, telling one Twitter user to ‘find out’ by themselves regarding how much sex the game contains. With the game officially released, the question seems to remain — is there actually a six-hour sex scene with the twins in Atomic Heart?

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Is there a six-hour sex scene in Atomic Heart?

To state it bluntly, there is no six-hour sex scene in Atomic Heart, not with the Twins, not with the babushka, and not even by yourself as you idly wait in a stalled elevator. There are bizarre scenes between the Twins where they stick their hands into each others’ navels to retrieve plot objects, but that’s the most penetration that’s happening in this title. Atomic Heart does have a few long cutscenes that players will need to patiently sit through, although nothing close to approaching the half-hour mark. The rumored cutscene seems to stem from a strange fan rumor that spiraled out of control, thanks in large part to a faked image of the Twins with superimposed text.

Players could be excused for believing this, however — the Twins are oddly designed in-game with multiple sexually-charged features such as high-definition areolas that, for reasons never explored in-game, protrude slightly from the spandex-like top of the Twins. The Rule 34 community has also been running rampant since the reveal of the Twins of Atomic Heart, which Mundfish have mentioned they are well aware of. The vast majority of unwanted sexual content in Atomic Heart, however, comes from the cringe-worthy dialogue of NORA the upgrade station, where Mundfish manages to explore what it feels like to be consistently sexually harassed.