Every Chaos Chamber mode explained – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Let the chaos commence!

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The Chaos Chamber is a great way to collect legendary gear, battle tough foes, and earn your place in this world of fantasy and wonder. When you reach the end of the game and unlock the Chaos Chamber, you will have the option to take on four different types of runs; Standard, Extended, Featured, and Trial. Each one of these modes differs from the last. Here is everything you need to know about the Chaos Chamber game modes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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Standard Run

The Standard Run is a randomized assortment of dungeons with a miniboss and a boss. This run has you complete three chambers before fighting the miniboss and another three chambers before fighting the boss. Each time you play through a Standard Run it will change.

Extended Run

The Extended Run is exactly like the Standard Run except longer. You will typically fight multiple boss type enemies when doing an Extended Run and each time you play this mode, the dungeon will be different.

Featured Run

A Featured Run is a set and preplanned run. This means that if you play this game mode you will get the same enemies and bosses every time you run it. Think of this mode as a weekly challenge. It’s great if you want to farm the same boss multiple times.

Chaos Trial

The Chaos Trial game mode is the ultimate test of your skills. In this game mode, you will be up against tough enemies that will test your abilities to make sure you can handle your own against even the grandest of foes. Completing this game mode will advance you to the next Chaos Level. Remember, this game mode can only be attempted on your current highest Chaos Level.