How to change your uniform and how they work in Watch Dogs: Legion

It’s a good way to blend in and act natural.

Image via Ubisoft

When you enter certain locations in Watch Dogs: Legion, your appearance will matter. You might want to blend in with the guards, look like someone who works on the maintenance in the back, or you may want to have a different look than the character you’re using typically wears. Sometimes a little bit of change makes a mission go that much more smoothly. They also provide distinct bonuses based on your current location.

To change the uniform of the character you’re playing, bring up the equipment wheel to view the character’s various tools they have on them. At the top, you should see the current uniform they have on. That outfit provides a distinct bonus to certain locations, such as a police officer having a higher stealth rating while walking around a police station or an enforcer for a private estate. When you click on it, you can change and remove that uniform.

The more diverse individuals you recruit to DedSec, the more people with unique jobs and uniforms you can bring on the job. Having various people working for you is like having multiple tools you can switch between. Not everyone has the same uniform, so making sure you have a guard who works at Buckingham Palace to infiltrate it is better than having the construction worker trying to find a way to sneak in unnoticed. If you don’t have someone in DedSec who can enter a location undetected, consider finding someone to recruit who can before undertaking a mission.

You can always view what type of uniform that character will have before you recruit them, and if you refer to your list of recruits before grabbing them, you can make sure to expand your wardrobe, as well as the areas you can potentially infiltrate. When you remove a uniform and you’re being hunted, it’s harder for your pursuers to recognize you, allowing you to escape.