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How to pre-register for Catalyst Black

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Catalyst Black is an upcoming team-based mobile game where you call upon the powers of primal gods through ancient masks to help win the match for your team. What’s unique about this game is that you don’t have to wait for a match. Designed with drop-in, drop-out (“DIDO”) in mind, players are able to freely join matches in progress, let it be a friend’s or a public match. So, there’s no waiting in long queues for your next match. The game also plans to feature 1,000 different gear combinations. So, whether you want to try to find something new or want to find a loadout that perfectly fits your playstyle, this game has you covered.

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If this game sounds like something right up your alley, the game is prepping its launch relatively soon with pre-registration open. Right now, there are two different ways you can pre-register. The first way would be to go to the official Catalyst Black website and click the yellow button that says “Pre-Register.” You’ll be asked to enter your email and your platform of choice: Android or iOS.

For Android users, you can go directly to the game’s Google Play Store page and hit the green pre-register button. Once the game goes live, you’ll be notified by the Google Play app.

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