Mario Kart Tour: How to Land Three Hits with Fireballs in a Single Race


A new series of challenges have arrived for Mario Kart Tour. These challenges are going to force players to get out of their comfort zones and try out some new drivers to play in the game. Some of these challenges are driver-specific, while others are going to test a player’s skill in completing a task in a single race. A difficult task is landing three hits with a fireball during a single race. Here’s how you do it.

How to Land Three Hits with Fireballs in a Single Race in Mario Kart Tour

During your race, you’re going to crash into the widely-known item boxes and have the chance to spawn an item on your driver. These items can benefit you by giving your vehicle a speed boost, some coins, cause damage to other drivers, or cause chaos on the course. If you’re looking to hit opponents with a fireball, there’s one item in the game you can do this with the Fire Flower.

However, not every driver can use the fire flower. There are only three drivers who have the chance to spawn this item.

  • Mario
  • Metal Mario
  • Luigi

These three characters the only drivers in Mario Kart Tour who have the chance to pull a Fire Flower from an item box. When they do, it’s going to spawn three fire flowers around their vehicle. Players are going to need to tap their screens to throw out the fireballs. A single tap is going to send all three of them out at once.

Because all of the fireballs go out at once, players need to be careful when using this item. They don’t want to be in first place. There’s going to be no other drivers ahead of you. You’ll want to remain somewhere in the middle between the sixth and fourth place. When a player gets the item, they can choose to let a handful of drivers get ahead of them before unleashing their barrage of fireballs.

It’s going to take a little bit of practice to get all three to hit, and it takes three hits to complete this challenge. Payers need to rely on the single spawn from an item box. There’s no guarantee a player is going to receive this item during a race. To have the best chance of completing this race, players need to choose their driver’s favored course. Selecting one of these courses is going to give them three items whenever they hit an item box, making it easier to complete this challenge.