Red Dead Online – How to Buy and Wear a Mask

The mask is a very useful accessory to hide your face when you do a crime in Red Dead Redemption 2. Also on Red Dead Online you will surely have committed a crime, but maybe you have not immediately found the possibility to wear the mask as in single player mode. This is because, in order to wear the mask in the online mode, you will have to do some special actions. Here is our guide.

How to Buy and Wear a Mask in Red Dead Online?

How to Buy a Mask in Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online How to Buy and Wear a Mask

Unlike the main Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign, players will not have a mask when Red Dead Online starts. Among other things, this accessory has just been added with a new update. To wear the mask, go to a tailor or a general store and have a look at the clothing catalog. Here there will be a large number of wearable bandanas, but some require very high levels to be worn. The cheaper bandana costs $ 20.25 while the others range from $ 21.50 to 2 gold bars.

How to Wear a Mask in Red Dead Online?

Once you have purchased your favorite mask, you will be able to equip it from the Weapons Wheel at any time. To do this you have to open the Weapons Wheel and go to the Objects section. From here you find the clothing option in the lower left part of the wheel and select the bandana icon. In this way you can equip and disassemble the mask at your leisure.

Now you know how to buy and wear the masks in Red Dead Online.