Magic: The Gathering’s Next Masters Set Is Dedicated To Popular Commander Format

Commander Masters is all about the Magic: The Gathering reprints.

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast has revealed new details about the upcoming Commander Masters set for Magic: The Gathering, featuring reprints of popular cards aimed at the Commander format. Magic: The Gathering’s Masters series is dedicated to reprinting cards from older sets that can be played in many formats, and Commander Masters is the first one to focus solely on Commander.

The Commander format in Magic: The Gathering differs greatly from the more competitive ones, focusing on group play. People enjoy it so much because it encourages a wide variety of strategies, thanks to the deck requiring 100 cards and restricting you to one copy of each card, save for Basic Lands. This makes Commander a lot more fun and casual, especially for those not interested in the fast-paced competitive scene.

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Commander Masters Is All About High Demand Reprints For The Commander Format

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

The Commander Masters set will be released on August 4, and Wizards of the Coast has unveiled some of the details about the set. Commander Masters is all about the tabletop format, and it won’t be released in MTG Arena, but it will have draft, set, and collector boosters, along with four new Commander Decks. These Commander Decks will contain ten new cards, but the set consists of reprints.

The Commander Decks are Eldrazi Unbound, Enduring Enchantments, Planeswalker Party, and Sliver Swarm. Eldrazi Unbound is a colorless deck with Zhulodok, Void Gorger as its Commander; Enduring Enchantments is a Black/Green/White deck with Anikthea, Hand of Erebos as its Commander; Planeswalker Party is a Blue/Red/White deck with Commodore Guff as its Commander; and Sliver Swarm uses all five colors and features Sliver Gravemother as its Commander.

Commander Masters will feature 130 commons, 135 uncommons, 135 rares, and 35 mythic rares. The set includes Borderless Profile Legendary Creatures for classic Commanders, like The Ur-Dragon, new Borderless Frame Break artwork for cards like Jeweled Lotus, Borderless artwork for cards like Personal Tutor, the return of Textured Foil and Foil-Etched cards from Double Masters 2022, Extended-Art cards for the Commander Deck Commanders, and Retro Frame art for Basic Lands. This means that many classic cards will be reprinted with fancy new artwork in the set.

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The hype surrounding the hunt for the 1 of 1 Ring card might have ended, but there is still much more to come for Magic: The Gathering fans in 2023. The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth set was a great standalone collection for introducing new players to the game, while Commander Masters is bringing all kinds of surprises back from the history of Magic: The Gathering to do battle once more.