My Little Pony Returns to MTG For 2023 Secret Lair Extra Life Charity Drive

The Secret Lair Extra Life 2023 release has been confirmed as My Little Ponies in Ponies: the Galloping 2.


Image via Secret Lair

Secret Lair has confirmed its Extra Life 2023 charity release as Ponies: The Galloping 2. This My Little Ponies crossover will raise money for charity as part of Extra Life, a charity fundraising program that puts money into Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center.

Ponies: The Galloping 2 contains four cards featuring a few of the main characters from the famous My Little Ponies TV show, including Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. The packs can be purchased directly from Secret Lair for the next 50 days, meaning a lot of money could be raised for charity from Magic: The Gathering fans.

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Secret Lair Will Raise Money for Charity With its Extra Life 2023 Release, Ponies: The Galloping 2

Secret Lair, Magic: The Gathering’s side project for special edition card releases, has announced a charity set of cards that will raise money for Extra Life 2023. The set is called Ponies: The Galloping 2, and, as many fans will already know from the name, sees characters from the My Little Ponies TV show come to the incredibly popular card game.

The set contains four cards featuring Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. There’s a standard set for $39.99/£39.99 and a foil set for $49.99/£49.99 available on the official Secret Lair store, both of which are available to pre-order for the next 50 days or so. Once those 50 days are up, the set won’t be available to purchase ever again.

Secret Lair cards are mostly official proxies that Magic: The Gathering players can collect and use in their decks. They’re almost always new art versions of existing cards, though some are completely new and can be played according to certain rulesets. Each of these cards appears to be unique, meaning players can legitimately use Applejack and Rainbow Dash in their decks alongside cards from other sets like Phyrexia if they want to.

Many Magic: The Gathering players find Secret Lair releases irresistible because of how rare they are. Preorders are open for a short window, and then only the orders made are printed. The cards don’t exist anywhere else, meaning they’re very desirable and highly sought-after by collectors.

Every year, there’s a Secret Lair Extra Life release, and it’s always one that fans love the look of. While not cheap, the Extra Life sets are always made available between major Superdrops for a lower price than Secret Lair collectors are used to. This means the sets have the best chance of raising as much money as possible for charity from loyal and new customers.

Fans who want to go further can get some additional goodies in MTG Arena or from the MTG merch store, where there’s a whole host of merchandise, such as a t-shirt and playmat, all designed with the Extra Life and My Little Ponies crossover theme in mind.