Celebrate Macca’s Chocolate Soft Serve and show off your Rocket League skills with Team PWR’s #MaccasRaceTheChoc speedrun challenge

Can you beat the Macca’s ChocClock?

Team PWR #MaccasRaceTheChoc

This article is written in partnership with McDonald’s.

Summer doesn’t have to be vanilla, thanks to Macca’s chocolate soft serve. To celebrate the new menu item, Team PWR is putting their Rocket League speed skills to the test—and they’re inviting you to win PWR prizes if you can come up with your own fast-paced feats too.

Head down to your nearest Macca’s and you’ll be in for a surprise. As delicious as vanilla is, you can now cool down with a Macca’s chocolate soft scoop, available as a McFlurry, cone, or sundae. To mark this amazing addition to the menu, Macca’s has joined forces with Team PWR for the #MaccasRaceTheChoc speedrun challenge.

Team PWR’s Lachlan gave teammates Bananahead, Vindooly, Overstrand, and Chanzes a special Rocket League challenge, with the tantalizing promise of a free Choc Soft Serve if they managed to win.

The rules were simple: Could they stop him from scoring in a Rocket League match before the Choc Clock ran out? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to see.

Team PWR #MaccasRaceTheChoc

Now you’ve seen PWR taking on the Choc Clock, do you think you can do better than Bananahead and friends? Then why not have a crack at your own Rocket League Choc Clock challenge? There are loads of goodies to be won for the best runs too—post your attempt with the #MaccasRaceTheChoc hashtag and if PWR picks you as one of two winners, you’ll get an official PWR t-shirt, hoodie, mouse mat, and mug.