Celebrate Macca’s new Chocolate Soft Serve with Team PWR and the #MaccasRaceTheChoc Speedrun Challenge

Can you beat the Macca’s ChocClock? Enter to win.

Team PWR #MaccasRaceTheChoc

This article is written in partnership with McDonald’s.

Macca’s all-new Chocolate Soft Serve is shaking up summer. To mark the occasion, Team PWR are putting their Fortnite speed skills to the test. If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the Macca’s ChocClock, show us your best two-minute Fortnite challenge and you can win an armful of PWR merchandise. Just try not to get any soft serve on it. 

Summer doesn’t have to be vanilla. If you’re feeling the heat, head to your nearest Macca’s to get your favorite McFlurry, cone, or sundae in delicious chocolate soft serve. That’s something worth celebrating, which is why Macca’s has teamed up with PWR for the #MaccasRaceTheChoc speedrun challenge. Team PWR’s Lachlan has devised a special Fortnite challenge for teammates Bananahead, Vindooly, Overstrand, and Chanzes. You can bet he didn’t let them off easy! See it for yourselves in the video below.

Now that you’ve seen Team PWR in action against the Choc Clock, you have the chance to win prizes by cooking up a challenge of your own! Think you’re as good Team PWR, or maybe even better? Post your own video with the #MaccasRaceTheChoc and if PWR picks you as one of two winners, you’ll get an official PWR t-shirt, hoodie, mouse mat, and more.