Design Tanks and Follow Them All the Way to the Battlefield With Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks

Published by storied sim-experts MicroProse, Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks plunges you into the enthralling but competitive world of tank manufacture.

Arms Trade Tycoon Screen

Image courtesy of MicroProse

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This article is written in partnership with MicroProse.

Spanning from World War I to the present day, it’s a historically accurate blend of tank sim and tycoon game that challenges you to design, manufacture and sell your own tanks. From selecting individual tank components to resource management and weathering market forces, every decision counts. You’ll manage every aspect of the business, including finding worldwide buyers for your machines and tailoring tanks to their needs. You can even go hands-on with the tank and drive your creations around your factory’s Trial range, using that experience to tweak your designs. 

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is easy to get to grips with, but the real challenge is turning your also-ran tank company into a global leader. Even keeping your company alive can be a tough challenge in this sim game, thanks to the shifting political and financial worldscape. As cynical as it may sound, peace is not good for business here.

Recreate a piece of history or design your tanks from an impressive collection of components— it’s up to you. Success stands to be financially and personally rewarding, with Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks letting you watch your creations perform in battle. And with conflicts erupting around the game’s living world, there’ll be no shortage of opportunities (and challenges).

Research is a major factor in remaining competitive but there’s more to it than just working your way through a technology tree, there are shortcuts. If a competitor’s tank happens to find its way into your clutches you can attempt to reverse engineer it, mixing your home-developed tech with tank parts from other countries. But what happens when your pride and joy aren’t selling? Do you go back to the drawing board, scrutinize your supply chain or take even more drastic measures? As the saying goes, the buck stops here, even if it ends with bankruptcy.

Promising a truly unique and deep experience, Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks rolls into Steam early access soon. If you’re a tank-head, tycoon fan or both, don’t let this one pass you by. Wishlist Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks here.