Enjoy Gravity’s New Title ‘Wetory’ on Multiple Platforms

Wetory is the latest roguelike action title from Gravity, available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Wetory, the latest roguelike sensation from global gaming powerhouse Gravity, launches worldwide on Steam and Nintendo Switch at 12 PM on October 26 KST.

Wetory bursts onto the 3D action roguelike stage, dazzling players with its enchanting cartoon-inspired visuals. At the heart of the game’s narrative is a hero unlike any other, leaving trails of paint with every step, embarking on a quest to recover the world’s stolen colors from a nefarious villain. Since its debut, Wetory has been basking in the spotlight, earning accolades such as a Top 10 Indie Games placement at Gamescom 2022 and clinching a spot as a Global Indie Game Finalist at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Its charm hasn’t stopped there – it also snagged the title of Most Popular Game at the BIGS Indie Game Show, not just once, but two years running.

Wetory masterfully blends user-friendly controls with intricate strategy, creating an inviting playground for gamers at every skill level. Players guide the protagonist through a vivid world, utilizing a dynamic tile map and clever environmental obstacles for swift maneuvers, attacks, and ultimately, triumph over adversaries. The true magic lies in the colors – each one unlocks a distinct skill tree, empowering players to unleash a spectrum of tactical attacks and shape their own battle style.

Here’s the prologue of the game.

In a village, a child with a curious gift was born; radiant paint flowed from their feet.

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The child grew up concealed, away from wary eyes that feared their vivid trail.

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But darkness descended as a villain emerged, stealing the world’s colors, hue by hue.

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Confronted and nearly colorless, the child’s latent hues burst forth. Can they transform solitude into bravery, despair into hope, and reclaim the stolen spectrum as a true hero?

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Now available worldwide on Steam and the Nintendo eShop, Wetory offers 17 translations, from English and German to Spanish and Japanese.

For more information about Wetory, visit the official Wetory Steam page or contact [email protected].

About Gravity

Founded in April 2000 in Korea, Gravity is a global gaming company listed on NASDAQ. Gravity’s flagship IP, Ragnarok, has over 120 million global accounts as of June 30th, 2021 and was ranked as the 2nd most loved Korean game in overseas countries for 3 consecutive years (Global Hallyu Trends 2021).

Gravity currently has a strong global network with its subsidiaries Gravity Neocyon (Korea) and Overseas offices Gravity Communication (Taiwan), Gravity Game Link (Indonesia), Gravity Interactive (USA), Gravity Game Arise (Japan), Gravity Game Tech (Thailand), Gravity Game Hub (Singapore), and Gravity Game Vision (Hong Kong). Together with its branches, Gravity has a global publishing business that develops and distributes Ragnarok IP games, as well as games across platforms and genres, expanding its presence and influence around the world. Gravity is expanding its content businesses by launching a range of Rangarok merchandise, and foraying into animation, IPTV, webtoons and various brand collaborations.

Gravity Official Website http://www.gravity.co.kr

Representative Titles

  • Ragnarok Arena
  • Ragnarok M: ETERNAL LOVE
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Ragnarok Origin
  • Ragnarok X: Next Generation