Free-to-play ARPG UNDECEMBER now available on PC and mobile

UNDECEMBER offers an overwhelming number of choices.

Image via LINE games

With an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to ARPGs, LINE Games’ UNDECEMBER might not seem like much at first glance. Once you dig into the game, you’ll learn that it offers a unique twist to its class system: complete player freedom. Sometimes, character progression in similar game will have you stuck with the class you started the game with, so it’s easy to appreciate UNDECEMBER giving the player more options.

Once exiting the tutorial section, you’ll be given a variety of different weapon types with no prerequisites to wield them. While some players may opt for melee to come to terms with UNDECEMBER’s flow and combat, you can swap to a different piece of gear whenever the mood strikes you. Maybe melee doesn’t work for you or you want to cast spells. You won’t need to level up your skills just to try them out.

Similar to its class system, skill points work differently in UNDECEMBER than in other ARPGs. Not only do skill points contribute directly to things like attack damage and magic ability, but you’re also given smaller rewards, such as increased evasion for leveling up intelligence, that make maxing out your stats feel extremely rewarding. 

This is called the Zodiac system, and it looks more complex than it really is. Once you upgrade your Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity to 10, you’re given Zodiac tokens to dive deeper into each path. 

Being able to focus on different specific skills with your Zodiac tokens is a great touch, allowing players complete control over how they can play the game. Melee vs ranged fighters, brute force vs damage – it gets complex, but the game rewards you for trying out new combos and resetting the skills without penalty. 

This freedom is reinforced by the Rune system. In UNDECEMBER, you’ll find different types of Runes scattered throughout your journey, each holding a new technique or attack. You can equip them at any time in a hexagonal grid system.

These green, red, and blue runes can be used to power up different aspects of your character. Create long chains of one color and unlock stronger abilities with the risk-reward completely in your favor: don’t like your rune setup? Swap it back, or try something else out without getting punished. All these battle systems come together to allow tons of character customization. 

As unique as UNDECEMBER’s combat is, that doesn’t mean LINE Games has forgotten about narrative. With the game currently in early access, the entire campaign isn’t available just yet. As UNDECEMBER grows, it will eventually contain 10 acts that span a variety of locations and biomes. Each act will cover different aspects of the game’s plot, taking players on a massive adventure that rivals competing games.

UNDECEMBER has full voice acting and beautiful cutscenes that really help to build up the world. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across characters that need your help, forcing you to rise to the occasion and become the hero everyone needs. These missions will also reward you with small pieces of knowledge about the world itself, slowly unraveling UNDECEMBER as a whole. 

You won’t need to experience this story alone, either. UNDECEMBER features crossplay on all platforms, allowing you to team up with friends on PC, iOS, and Android. This will prove useful as you encounter tougher foes and strong bosses. You’ll need all the help you can get when you trek deep into dungeons, uncovering stronger loot guarded by vicious foes.

Loot plays a key role in UNDECEMBER, but not quite like other ARPGs. Equipment and attack Runes can be upgradedby the blacksmith or arcane master respectively. The afformentioned gems also come into play here, allowing you to further upgrade your abilities. While a sword at lowest rank is just a sword, with some time and effort you can find yourself with a fully custom and unique weapon to defeat enemies and show off to your friends. 

Through this system, players will be able to carry gear for longer periods by continually enhancing it when they get the chance. Not only will this cut down on the tedium of constantly swapping gear in the middle of a dungeon, but it lets you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of changing gear when you see a higher number. Even in situations where you do need to switch weapons, you’ll be able to remove upgrades from the old ones, so nothing goes to waste. 

With these unique touches, UNDECEMBER has a huge focus on player expression and creativity.. Some of these changes may not seem like massive shifts in gameplay mechanics, but all of them together add up to an experience that distinguishes itself. UNDECEMBER is currently available for free on all platforms, so why not give it a shot?

You can play the game for free on Steam, IOS, and Google Play.