Hiring top Japanese creative talent for your next game project

Learn how to use the industry’s best-kept secret for hiring experienced and professional Japanese talent for your next game title.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez/Creative Commons

This article is brought to you by Japan Creator Bank.

One of the most important aspects of developing a video game is deciding how you want to convey any dialogue, be it spoken by characters, in narration, delivered through simple text, or told through music. 

With this decision comes looking into how you want to find your voice, writing, or musical talent, which is where a platform like Japan Creator Bank comes in.

Japan Creator Bank is a directory that provides access to the biggest names in Japanese entertainment, all of whom are seeking to expand their careers globally. It’s easy to research, find, and send an inquiry.

Japan Creator Bank divides its talents into six different categories: Writers, Directors, Actors, Voice Actors, Composers, and Producers. With all of these offerings, it is easy to engage with Japanese entertainment industry talent across multiple roles. 

Japan Creator Bank is operated by VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization), a non-profit organization established to support the growth of Japan’s entertainment content industry with a long history of connecting overseas parties with Japan’s top talent for a wide variety of projects.

With Japan Creator Bank, you can hire Japanese voice actors for games and other work, bring on Japanese screenwriters for anything from games to live-action shows, and much more. The directory lists a wide range of luminaries from the Japanese entertainment content production industry with experience in various genres of content. The creative possibilities are endless.

Likewise, if you are looking to hire composers to produce music for your projects, there is a list of Japanese soundtrack composers with track records in making the music behind some of Japan’s greatest film and animation productions. You can even invite one or more professional Japanese voice actors to attend local ACG-related events—or even to participate in some active way.

Using the platform is simple and only requires users to follow three steps. 

  1. Browse Japan Creator Bank to find talent with a track record or profile that matches your project’s needs.
  2. Send an inquiry, and VIPO will forward all serious inquiries about real projects to the talent, who may respond directly to your inquiry or through VIPO. 
  3. After establishing contact, you can communicate directly with the talent (or their representative).

Inquiries can be made free of charge and the VIPO team can provide language support as required. If additional support is needed beyond the initial contact, arrangements can be discussed.

You can learn more and view the platform’s incredible lineup of experienced Japanese entertainment industry professionals by visiting JapanCreatorBank.com.

This article is brought to you by Japan Creator Bank.