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Lufu, Cray, and Bert to squad up in CoD’s DMZ for Netflix’s Heart of Stone

Exciting collaboration in CoD's DMZ for Netflix's Heart of Stone! Top Australian streamers unite for an epic gaming event on Twitch.

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Keeping the peace and saving the world is just a part of Rachel Stone’s daily life in Netflix’s upcoming film Heart of Stone, and now, some of Australia’s biggest streamers are taking this same energy into Call of Duty’s DMZ.

To celebrate the upcoming all-action movie, the team of gaming superstars Loserfruit, Crayator, and Berticuss will squad up in a trio, undergoing a series of tests and defying the odds inside DMZ to fully embody the spirit of agents Rachel Stone, Agent Parker, and Keya Dhawan.

All of the action will be live on Sunday13 August, at 8 PM AEST on each of the streamers’ Twitch channels. You can tune into the madness and keep switching perspectives between their channels.

In Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot plays Rachel Stone, an MI6 agent working undercover for the Charter, an organization with the goal of bringing peace to the world by neutralizing global threats. Of course, this peace won’t come without a fight, so expect plenty of action to ensue.

Loserfruit leads this elite squad that will launch into DMZ. As one of Australia’s biggest gaming personalities, even boasting her own Fortnite skin, there couldn’t be a better choice to take on this mission.

Joining Loserfruit, Crayator is bringing his trademark jovial personality to the team along with his gaming expertise which extends into Call of Duty and Fortnite alike. Closing out this dream team is Berticuss, whose talents show no bounds, mastering games of all kinds, from FPS to RPG.

Don’t miss Heart of StoneAugust 11, Only on Netflix – two days before your favorite gamers go on this adrenaline-fueled mission on Twitch, giving fans plenty of time to watch the movie and gear up for the DMZ missions.

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