Save up to 60% on Microsoft Office, Windows 11 Pro, and more during the Keysfan Christmas Sale

Check out deals and bundles starting at $7 for Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and more.

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From post-Black Friday PC building to filling out a new machine with top-of-the-line programs, the holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade thanks to the numerous retailers offering deals on hardware and software. 

These marked-down offers are typically used to clear out stock of old hardware or promote newer software that is hitting the market, with many of these deals getting better the closer to the New Year shoppers wait. 

When looking at professional programs and operating systems, prices can start wracking up, especially if you just got done upgrading your computer or need to purchase multiple pieces of software at once. However, thanks to Keysfan’s Christmas Sale, users have a way to grab a wide variety of software at a discounted rate using a safe and easy platform. 

Image via Keysfan

As part of its festive sale, Keysfan is offering users access to tons of software at reduced prices, such as Windows 11 Pro for as low as $14.61, Microsoft Office 2021 Pro for $31.01, or bundles for operating systems and professional work software too. Many of these deals will see some software discounted by more than 60%, which means the availability for those hot deals is limited. 

When using Keysfan, you can choose between multiple payment methods, such as PayPal and major credit cards, and after securely checking out, the Product Keys for your selected software will be emailed to you directly. The platform also offers fast, reliable, and extensive customer support. 

Here are just a few of the deals available for a limited time on Keysfan

Hot Sales: Limited time and stock

Bundled Gifts: Buy one, get two (using coupon code BKS62)

50 percent of Windows OS (using coupon code BKS50)

Best price for work and home (using coupon code BKS62)

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