The Chiefs fight to prove who can be the safest driver in a Crash Team Racing Bingle Battle

Bingle is changing the game for three video games with The Chiefs Esports Club.

Images via Activision, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Psyonix

This article is sponsored by Bingle.

Bingle, known for outstanding value for car insurance*, is also a keen advocate to promote safe driving, but what about The Chiefs? In an effort to promote safe driving, Bingle will be literally Changing the Game by challenging Australia’s leading League of Legends team (and recently crowned champions) to drive safely in several popular racing games.

Instead of smashing cars in Rocket League, throwing bombs in Crash Team Racing, and performing risky maneuvers in Gran Turismo 7, this challenge will push The Chiefs to their limit as they attempt not to crash in each title.

With a challenge system rated by a demerit point system, two players per game will attempt to complete each round as safely as possible. For the first round, players will face off in Crash Team Racing and begin the competition with zero points. If they so much as hit a wall, they will gain five points. If they happen to wipe out off map, it will be a 20-point increase.

This first round pitted Chief’s content creators Vauxie and Fangetta, against each other as they fought for dominance in the first Bingle Battle. Cameras caught real-time reactions and content from each contestant. You’d be surprised at how hilarious careful driving and safe maneuvers can be. At the end of the round, the baton will be passed to their teammates, who will duke it out in Rocket League and Gran Turismo.

In the grand finale livestream, all creators will face off in the Bingle Battle challenges to decide who will be crowned the ultimate champion. Each of the six creators – VauxieFangettaJackoGFreakCripsyCJCJ, and AlphaAnton will stream the grand finale LIVE on their Twitch channels in June.

Check out all the actions from round one below.

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