The Gen V: Supe My Sim Streams Have Wrapped Up and You Can Win Merch By Voting For Your Fave Streamer Now!

Prime Video partners with some of Australia’s finest streamers.

Image via ximOpti on Twitch TV

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As far as fans reckon, Gen V absolutely sticks the landing as the first live-action spinoff to The Boys on Prime Video. And now, after watching the first four episodes, we know what most of you are thinking: How are we possibly going to wait week after week for newer episodes to release? Well, if you’re a The Boys fanatic like us, we might have the perfect antidote to go with your wait.

You see, Prime Video recently partnered up with some of Australia’s finest streamers to reenact Gen V and the character arcs of its colorful ensemble in The Sims 4 — or more specifically, the Discover University expansion pack.

Contestants were handpicked from some of the most well-known Sims players in Australia. Loserfruit, Nalopia, Jeyjeybink, GobbysGayming, Develique, Fasffy, Emiloo, and Opti were each given one character to portray, and they had to find unique, creative ways to bring them to life in the fictional world of EA’s timeless social simulation game.

As you can imagine, the resulting streams on Twitch precipitated a level of utter hilarity that we rarely experience in games anymore. The eight streamers were asked to upload a 90-120 second video featuring the highlights of their playthrough, which fans can now watch and vote on over at You can cast your votes from October 5 to October 12, and in case you want a rundown of how every streamer performed, we’ve got you covered.

In her three-hour stream, Loserfruit tried to channel Marie and imitate her blood-shooting capabilities. Her objectives were to become a perfectionist, excel at academics, and kill as many Sims as possible in creative ways. Loserfruit performed this task by eliminating Sims using lightning, meteor strikes, overheating the sauna, and even getting them squashed by a pull-down bed.

Nalopia was manifesting Andre, who is a very charismatic junior at Godolkin University, where Gen V mostly takes place. The streamer’s mission was to become a party animal, a “Bro,” and also partake in the killing challenge. She did exactly that by making a lot of friends in the playthrough, but got kicked out of the party she was throwing because it was at someone else’s house.

Jeyjeybink and GobbysGayming had the challenging job of roleplaying as Jordan. This is a snarky, ambitious, and callous student of Godolkin who’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Jordan is a gender-shifter, so it was absolutely hilarious to watch both GobbysGayming and Jeyjeybink try to portray the character in their own manner. The two were asked to max out their skills, complying with the ambitious trait, and make as many enemies as they possibly could. And that’s precisely what they did.

Next up we had Delevique as Sam Riordan, who is a powerful Supe with enhanced strength and invulnerability. Sam is one of the most conflicted characters in Gen V, being haunted both by his incredible power and hallucinations that seem to come and go as they please, making it difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not. Delevique had to max out her Sim’s physical strength, so she spent most of her stream at the gym. She also talked to herself and made an enemy to embody the chaos.

Now this one is already a fan-favorite. Fasffy tried to embody Emma, also known as Little Cricket, who can shrink herself down to half an inch. This was definitely a bit tricky, but since Emma is shown to be a people-pleaser, Fasffy tried to make as many friends as she could, sort of like the opposite of what Jeyjeybink and GobbysGayming did.

Emiloo had the most dangerous character of the whole bunch. At least that’s what the vibe we were getting from Cate, another junior at Godolkin with the ability to trick people into doing what she wants using mind control. Emiloo tried to bring Cate’s charm to life as her Sim, and ended up tricking a lot of other avatars to do what she wanted.

Last but not least, we have Opti as Luke Riordan. He’s famous in Godolkin as Golden Boy due to his ability to light his entire body on fire. Luke is responsible and confident, so Opti’s job was to become the top student at the university. He also needed to learn the Inferniate spell and use it to light things on fire. Now, since Golden Boy burns all of his clothing whenever he… well, turns into Golden Boy, Opti had to remove all of his clothes whenever he wanted to channel the Supe. And the result was every bit as hilarious as it sounds.

As mentioned above, you can visit this website to watch all eight highlights and cast your votes. The first five winners will take home $500, The Sims Discover University pack, Gen V varsity jacket, and a Gen V Supe pack. Fifteen other additional winners will get the Discover University pack for free.

You can head over to Prime Video to catch the first four episodes of Gen V and start your 30-day free trial today.