Watch The Chiefs Hilariously Try to Drive Safely in Rocket League for the ‘Bingle Battle’

Rocket league with no smash and crash. Could you do it?

Image via The Chiefs

This article is sponsored by Bingle.

Bingle loves to change the game, just like they have with their car insurance and easy online quote process. With their new foray into gaming, they have challenged The Chiefs Esports Club, Australia’s leading League of Legends team, to drive safely in a number of racing games. And it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Dubbed as the “Bingle Battle” challenge, The Chiefs are being put through a series of events in Crash Team Racing, Rocket League and Gran Turismo 7 in an attempt to determine which member of the team is the safest driver.

With the first round of the challenge completed in Crash Team Racing, The Chiefs have now also battled it out in Rocket League for round two. A game centered around smashing into a giant ball and destroying other cars, Rocket League icon CJCJ and AlphaAnton had their work cut out for them when they attempted to do the exact opposite of the intended goal.

Just as in the first round, there was a demerit system in play that scored each challenger based on specific criteria. The lowest score at the end of the round decided the safest driver. Here is how the scoring worked:

  • Hitting Another Car +10 points
  • Demolishing Another Car +20 points
  • Using a Speed Boost +10 points
  • Losing the Match +10 points
  • Scoring a Goal -10 points
  • Defending a Goal -10 points

During the course of the Rocket League round – second in the Bingle Battle series – cameras were set up around CJCJ and AlphaAnton to capture their real-time reactions during gameplay. Although CJCJ is a professional Rocket League player, he too faced difficulties as his high-level dexterity and fast-paced style didn’t match the safe driving rules.

Check out the video of the Rocket League round:

At the end of the round, the baton was passed to the final two teammates – JackoGFreak and Cripsy – who will be putting their cars into third gear for Gran Turismo 7. All rounds will go live on The Chiefs’ YouTube channel.

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