Win your chance to play with Macca’s and The Chiefs this summer

It’s the perfect time to get gaming and eating with friends!

Image courtesy of McDonald's

Image via Macca’s

This article is written in partnership with Macca’s.

Just in time for the summer season, Macca’s has teamed up with The Chiefs, Australia’s number one League of Legends and Halo team, to give customers an opportunity to play with their favorite team of streamers.

Summer is the perfect time of year to get together with friends, bring your PCs together, and get a LAN session going. What’s better than games with pals? Some Macca’s on the side!

On December 18, The Chiefs will be hosting the Gaming Summer Party along with JackoGFreak and many winners from the Macca’s Summer Promo. Winners will have the chance to visit The Chiefs’ epic esports clubhouse and have the chance to play some games with and against their favorite team members. Not only that, winners will be featured in videos with The Chiefs from the day of the event.

For your chance to meet The Chiefs and play with their esteemed ranks, register yourself using this link.

Video courtesy of McDonald’s

Winners will also win score limited edition merch, which is set to have more of a summer theme and will be a must-have for any gamers out there to show their creds.

The Chiefs Esports Club is the premiere team in Australia for League competitions. The team won the LCO at DreamHack Melbourne and represented Australia at the 2022 League World Championship, where they drew millions of viewers.

This collaboration builds on Macca’s support of gaming and their streaming events where they have brought together some awesome collabs to play on stream, including top stars like Crayator, Loserfruit, Midbeast, and Muselk. But this time around, it could be you who plays with The Chiefs!

Entries close on December 14. To enter, visit The Chiefs page here.