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Winter Wonderland: How Macca’s & The Chiefs took gaming to the next level with their Winter Games collab

Winter Games: Midbeast, Macca's & The Chiefs unite!

This article is written in partnership with Macca’s.

Aussie League of Legends streamer Midbeast kicked off Winter Games with an announcement livestream. To stay in the theme of winter, Midbeast exclusively played with snow-based characters and skins and pointed out that League players like champions with a big range, just like Macca’s new Winter Angus Range.

Macca’s then linked up with The Chiefs to take winter gaming to the next level with an in-store activation at Westfield Mt. Gravatt, calling on all big and small gamers to kick it at the Winter Games. The exhibition brought gamers of all ages together for a fully decked-out experience, with racing simulators and elite gaming setups allowing gamers to battle it out with their mates and Aussie gaming royalty to take home some fantastic prizes.

Two of the biggest names on the ANZ esports scene – Babip and BioPanther flew the flag for the Chiefs and hosted the site. They had backup, though, calling in Ground Zero’s ‘Gooby’ and  Team Bliss’ ‘Lived’ to join in on the festivities for some ‘friendly’ competition.

The Racing Simulators were a huge hit. However, some of the younger kids were too small to reach the pedals, but with the help of some family members, we got them driving in no time. A feel-good story of the week came when a gamer who had never driven before due to a disability finally got their chance to step behind the wheel and try out the simulator. New drivers also had some lessons from Mia Rose, the first woman to win in SRO Esports and Le Mans Virtual, who came on down to help out with some sim racing masterclasses.

As always… Mario Kart was another favorite, with one father putting on quite the showcase, recording the fastest Mario Kart lap of the week — until his daughter beat his time on the very next try!

There were plenty of young gamers who were keen on joining the content creation space and streaming, with the Chiefs’ JackoGFreak taking questions and sharing tips on how to get started in the space.

And finally, the prizes: PLENTY of rewards. During the week, players had a chance to score goodies both big and small, ranging from Macca’s x The Chiefs merch all the way to some pro Logitech gaming gear.

Overall, the Winter Games was another success in a string of collabs between Macca’s and The Chiefs, and more importantly, a big win for Australian gaming overall.

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