All candle dye colors in Minecraft

There are several to pick from.

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There are multiple candle colors you can make in Minecraft. If you’re looking to fit a particular theme for your home, you’ll be able to find the exact color to stick in a specific room. You can also go for a full range of colors, making each one unique, brightening a small part of your house. While they don’t give off the most light, they’re prettier to look at than a regular torch.

There are 18 candle colors to pick from in Minecraft. These are all of the colors you can choose.

  • Black candle
  • Blue candle
  • Brown candle
  • Cyan candle
  • Gray candle
  • Green candle
  • Light blue candle
  • Light gray candle
  • Lime candle
  • Magenta candle
  • Orange candle
  • Pink candle
  • Purple candle
  • Red candle
  • White candle
  • Yellow candle

Any standard candle you make will feature an off-color white shade, and every candle requires you to craft it using string and a honeycomb. When you want to dye your candle, you’ll need to use any of the dyes in the game, which you can acquire by the specific plant it comes from. For example, the red dye comes from poppies, roses, red tulips, or beetroots. You can cluster four candles of the same color on the same block to create a much larger light source.

Alternatively, rather than hanging a candle up in your home, you can place it at the center of a birthday cake to turn it into a candle cake, making it an ideal gift to celebrate a friend’s birthday.