All Challenge Battle rewards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

All the rewards you can get from Challenge Battles.

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Challenge Battles have arrived with Volume 2 of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass. When talking to the Nopon Archsage, you can choose which challenge you would like to take on, as well as the difficulty of the challenge. Each challenge will provide Noponstones as a reward depending on how fast you can complete the battle. If you get an A Rank by finishing the battle within a certain time, you get a unique reward.

These rewards can only be obtained once, but will stay in your inventory for the rest of the game. These include special swimsuit outfits for the characters, as well as powerful accessories that can only be obtained through Challenge Battles. The full list of unique rewards for each challenge is as follows:

Full list of Challange Battle rewards

Challenge NameCompletion Reward (A Rank or Better)
Defenders’ Gut-CheckNoah – Swimwear A
InsecticideMio – Swimwear A
Philharmonic Dust-UpEunie – Swimwear A
Six Angry BeastsTaion – Swimwear A
Vampiric RushLanz – Swimwear A
Black Castle ChosenSena – Swimwear A
Ocean Day ParadeNoah – Swimwear B
Pretty FierceMio – Swimwear B
Ouroboros FeverEunie – Swimwear B
Ferron x FerronTaion – Swimwear B
Double JeopardyLanz – Swimwear B
Arts and CraftsSena – Swimwear B
Stage of DestinyAccomplished Hairpiece
Men! Of! The Sea! IVAccomplished Sash
N and MAccomplished Vambraces
Primate TriumvirateAccomplished Crown
Heroes FrontlineAccomplished Necklace
The Four DevasAccomplished Ring

To access the swimwear costumes, go to the menu and select Characters > Clothing for the respective character whose swimsuit you have unlocked. Go to the bottom where you will find the character’s DLC outfits, and equip their swimsuit from there. There are two variations of swimsuits, with the A variant easier to obtain while the B variant requires some training.

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Getting the Swimsuit A variants will require you to be between levels 20-40. The Swimsuit B variants will require you to be between levels 50-70. Fortunately, you can always adjust the difficulty if you are struggling, especially if you just want to go to Easy difficulty for the swimsuits. The same can be done for the remaining battles, though they will still be a challenge on Easy.

Full list of Noponstone accessories

You can also exchange Noponstones for prizes with the Archsage’s Page, Red. They function as a prize exchange where you can trade Noponstones for Legendary versions of accessories you can find in the field. While not as rare as the unique accessories, you can purchase as many accessories as you can afford. The full list of accessory prizes is:

Accessory NameNoponstone Cost
Carbide Temple Guard6000
Sapphire Belt6000
Circlet of All-Knowing6000
Nanotech Gloves6000
Carbide Support6000
Soulgaze Headband6000
Full Weak Guard6000
Mighty Bangle6000
Silver Gauntlet6000
Mask of Banishing6000
Hero Pauldrons2000
Sunlight Choker2000
Special Foot Wraps2000
Circlet of Enlightenment2000
Ceramic Belt2000
Titanium Support2000
Strike Bangle1600
Adamantine Gauntlet1600
Hero Vambraces1600
Titanium Temple Guard1200
Circlet of Wisdom1200
Devotional Necklace1200
Detector Headgear800
Soldier’s Headband800
Crystalline Chemise800
Iron Temple Guard800
Circlet of Intellect800
Ice Headband800
Gear Support800
Steam Belt800
Heavy Weak Guard800

You can check the relevant accessory effects before you purchase, to ensure that you aren’t wasting your hard-earned Noponstones on an accessory that you don’t need. These aren’t strictly prizes, but are a great place to spend the Noponstones you earn from the battles.