All collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 1 – Coffee thermos, manuscript pages, tv, radio locations

Grab everything you can in this opening level.


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Alan Wake Remastered has a lot of collectibles for you to find in each Episode. These include items that are placed around the world just for fun and those that enhance the story. In this guide, we show you how to find and collect every collectible item in Episode 1. All items are in order of where you can find them in the Episode as you progress the story.

Coffee Thermos #1

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This is the first Coffee Thermos in the game. From your starting location, run to the bridge, which looks like it’s been blocked. However, you can get past the items blocking your way and pick up the Coffee Thermos that’s standing on the road just past them.

QR Code #1

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We found a mysterious QR Code on the message board as you head off the road. Scanning it takes you to a YouTube video uploaded four months before the release of Alan Wake Remastered, suggesting that this is new content for the game.

Can Pyramid #1

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The first Can Pyramid is located close to the message board. Look to the left of the path for a fence with the cans stacked on top. Shoot the Can Pyramid to collect it.

Coffee Thermos #2

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Continue following the path until you’re taken through a cutscene. When you gain control of Alan Wake again, he’ll be close to an area that goes off the main path. Follow it to find a hole in the ground. You need to drop inside to pick up the second Coffee Thermos.

Coffee Thermos #3

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Keep following the main path until you jump onto the road again. At this point, you’ll be chased by a giant tornado. Follow the road to the buildings ahead of you. As you reach them, look to the right to see the third Coffee Thermos sitting on a bench waiting for you to collect it.

Coffee Thermos #4

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The fourth Coffee Thermos is only available once Alan is off the boat. It’s at the back of the diner that he goes to when picking up the key to the cabin.

Coffee Thermos #5

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This Coffee Thermos isn’t available until you reach the cabin. When Alan and his wife are standing at the bridge looking at the cabin, turn around and run back up the path. Go all the way up until you reach the car. In front of it is the Coffee Thermos.

Radio #1

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The first radio in the game is on the cabin’s balcony. Go in through the front door and then out the back door in front of you. The radio is on the floor to your right, and you need to turn it on to collect it.

Coffee Thermos #6

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There’s a Coffee Thermos in the cabin that you can grab before you turn the power on. Look in the kitchen, and you’ll see it standing on the counter.

Manuscript Page #1 and #2

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You’ll get the first two Manuscript Pages in the game as part of a cutscene. Follow the story, and you’ll be given these without any extra work.

Manuscript Page #3

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You find this Manuscript Page in amongst the piles of logs in the lumber yard. The path will go off to your left, and you need to follow it. The Manuscript Page should be fairly obvious since it glows on the floor.

Coffee Thermos #7

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To the left of the above Manuscript Page is a pickup truck. Run over to it to find another Coffee Thermos standing just next to the back wheel.

Chest #1

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In the lumber yard, shine your torch around. You should start to pick up some yellow paint in the light. There are arrows pointing you in a direction in this paint, and they lead you to a chest. Follow the paint around to the left of the structure and then go right to get behind it. The chest will be sat next to a large symbol.

Manuscript Page #4

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As you work your way through the lumber yard some more, you’ll come to a yellow digger. Off to your left, in the distance, is a disused shack. There’s a Manuscript Page in the shack on a table that you can collect.

Coffee Thermos #8

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Soon you’ll start climbing over dead trees to reach rocks and cross the raging river. When you cross the massive uprooted tree, you can head into the trees to your left to find a Coffee Thermos nestled amongst some rocks.

Manuscript Page #5

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While crossing more logs, you’ll come to a sort of bridge made of logs stacked side by side. Ignore that for now and head to your right. There should be a similar bridge made of logs that leads to a rock with a box on it. A Manuscript Page is sitting on that box.

Chest #2

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You’ll find more paint as you get back onto solid ground. The paint is on a few stumps and will eventually point you towards a ladder. Climb up the ladder, follow the path up to a cabin, and you’ll find the chest inside.

Coffee Thermos #9

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Once you’re back into the main area after the above chest, you’ll see a pile of logs on the right-hand side with a ladder. Climb the ladder and look behind you. There’s a Coffee Thermos in the distance sitting on a rock which you can grab.

Manuscript Page #6

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After you’ve fought off the enemies in this area, look for the yellow generator. Beyond it, there’s a cabin that has a Manuscript Page inside.

Chest #3

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Once you’ve moved the logs to make a bridge and have crossed it, you’ll be on a slope. Head left and follow the yellow paint up to a cabin. There’s a chest plonked outside of it for you to scavenge from.

Radio #2

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Inside the cabin that you’ve just found because of the above chest, you’ll find a radio that you can turn on.

Can Pyramid #2

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The second Can Pyramid is on the main path forward. Look to the right, and you’ll see a table and some chairs. Shoot the Can Pyramid on the table to collect it.

Manuscript Page #7

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Another Manuscript Page is on the floor if you continue to the right of the Can Pyramid above. It’s lying on the ground where it’s hidden from a distance.

Coffee Thermos #10

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This Coffee Thermos is even further off the beaten path. It’s the last item in this area off to the right-hand side by some rocks.

Manuscript Page #8

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The next area is packed with enemies and collectibles. The Manuscript Page is the most obvious item because it’s off glowing in the distance to your left and up the hill.

Coffee Thermos #11

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Next, there’s a Coffee Thermos down at the bottom of the area on the rocky ledge. You’ll have to go left around a bend, spawning a few enemies, but use a flare gun, and you should be able to pick the item up without any bother.

Chest #4

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After that encounter, you’re walking along a creepy road. Next to the machinery that will move as you approach it is a stump with paint on. Follow the paint off the road and down a track to find another chest.

TV #1

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Go back to the road and follow it to a building next to the gate. You need to go inside the building to find a TV. Turn the TV on to collect it. You can even stick around to watch an interesting if questionable episode of a niche show if you want.

Manuscript Page #9

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Outside of the structure is a Manuscript Page on the road. You can’t miss it.

Coffee Thermos #12

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You’re almost finished with Episode 1 now. Follow the path, and you’ll be in a sort of boss encounter. Before leaving, make your way over to the massive digger to collect the Coffee Thermos on its caterpillar tracks.

Manuscript Page #10

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Once you’re at the gas station, there are a few things to collect before going inside. The first is the Manuscript Page on the forecourt, which you’ll have seen as you ran up.

Coffee Thermos #13

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Now, look over at the price of the gas at this gas station. A Coffee Thermos is sitting at the bottom of the sign.

Coffee Thermos #14

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You now need to follow the road left, away from the gas station. It leads down to the entrance to a tunnel. There’s a car parked there with a Coffee Thermos for you to pick up. Watch out for the enemies that will spawn as you run away from and towards the light.

TV #2

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As you enter the gas station, you’ll see a TV. Turn it on for some creepy story content and to collect it.

History #1

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Finally, there’s a poster on one of the shelves in the gas station. You need to read it to collect it.