All Half-a-Mind locations in Hollis’ Hot Streak in Psychonauts 2

Where did your mind go?

Psychonauts 2 Otto-Matic

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The Half-a-Mind collectibles in Psychonauts 2 are important to increase your maximum health. You need to find two pieces of a Half-a-Mind to complete the set, and in the level Hollis’ Hot Streak, there are four Half-a-Minds in total you need to find, giving you a maximum of two additional brains for your health bar. This guide details all of the locations for the Half-a-Minds in Hollis’ Hot Streak.

Half-a-Mind 1 and 2

The first half of this pair in Hollis’ Hot Streak is available pretty early in the game. When you enter the level, look to the right, and there will be small thought bubbles you can use the power Mental Connection on to scale up to the upper platform. You’ll find one of the half of the Half-a-Mind pair there.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second half of this Half-a-Mind collectible is not far away. Go to your right to follow the thought bubble trail towards the ‘risk’ hot bubble. When you reach the platform, go to the other end and look below you. There will be a second Half-a-Mind collectible down there that you can grab. You can use the levitate power to float down.

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This completes the first set in Hollis’ Hot Streak.

Half-a-Mind 3 and 4

The next set of Half-of-Minds are a bit further away from the start. This will be in the Maternity ward. You’ll have to wait until you find them. Once you’ve gone past the rigged wheel, you’ll find the first of these two Half-of-Minds on a platform. The only way to reach the platform is to wait for the empty spinning coin to be underneath the thought bubble and then for the coin to swing around towards the platform with the Half-a-Mind bouncing on it. This will be in the Maternity ward.

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The final half-a-mind will be in the Cardiology: Back Room area. It’s close to the start. Before you jump across the electrical tiles, immediately after the glowing gateway, turn to your left, and there should be a small lounge area with a four-leaf clover figment. You need to jump across, and the final half-a-mind will be there.

Screenshot by Gamepur