All hidden car locations in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Lost Heaven citizens may want to start investing in garage locks.

Image via 2K

All the trophy hunters and car collectors of Mafia: Definitive Edition may have noticed one trophy (or achievement) titled “Car Thief Number One.” To unlock it, the requirement is to find all of the game’s hidden cars. It sounds like a piece of cake, especially when you consider there are only five cars to hunt down. However, before you know the locations of each, you must know how to get each car to appear on the map.

What you’ll need to find the cars

As you progress through the story, postcards will appear on the bulletin board inside of Bertone’s Autoservice, which can be found south of North Park on the map. Snatching each of the five cards will get a car to appear in their location. So, you’re likely better off tackling this milestone once you’ve completed the campaign.

Once the credits have rolled, back out into the main menu and go into Free Ride mode. Now, you’ll want to go to each of the following spots to unlock the cars and the trophy/achievement.

1. Flame Spear

To start your journey, head to the last large building in the right bottom corner of Central Island. In the front, there should be a yard with two garages. Easily enough, you’ll just have to open the door on the left and the Flame Spear should be inside.

2. Disorder

For the Disorder, drive out to the Fyer Dam, the massive structure to the right of Lake Fyer. Across the lake, there’s a very wide brick home with a garage you can open in the backyard. Lift the door, and the gray race car should be sitting in front of you.

3. Trautenberg Sport

In the Downtown sector, there is a portion called The Waterfront. Once arrived, you’ll spot a grey building to the right of waterside shop West & Sons. Open the door and there will be a dozen crates to destroy and jump over. After taking the hidden steps, you will see the buff orange ride which you can take for a spin.

4. Manta Prototype

You’ll have to go to the ever-so-crowded Works Quarter district for this bad boy. In the heart of the area, there is a brick building (pinpointed in image above), which has a maze made of crates behind it. Go into the maze and navigate as far right as you can go. Once you’re at the end, Tommy can kick down a door ahead that has the Manta behind it.

5.Lassiter V16 Appolyon

In the game’s smallest district, Beech Hill, there is one house that stands alone in the middle of the area. The brown-door garage accompanying it will have a golden Lassiter inside. However, its owner is standing by, so you may want to bring a weapon.