All journal locations on Old Sailor Isle in Sea of Thieves

Learn from the past.

You can find multiple secrets all over Sea of Thieves, but you have to be willing to do a lot of digging to find them. There are even small pieces of lore hidden on many of the islands for those with a curious eye, left behind by notable characters or those who came before you. There are 10 journals you can find on Old Sailor Isle. The Pirate Lord wrote them, and they’re apart of the Maiden Voyage tutorial area.

To make sure you visit the Old Sailor Isle, you will need to choose to undergo the Maiden Voyage. You can do this from the main menu, and it should be an option at the bottom right of your screen.

All journal locations on Old Sailor Isle

You need to find all 10 journals to receive the A Storied Crossing commendation.

Regarding Merfolk journal

You can read a journal in the water, in front of the door, the shipwreck on the northwest of the island. It’s next to where you dig up the old chest for the Pirate Lord if you followed the tutorial.

They Gave it a Name journal

Return to the center of the island, at the campfire where you first started the Maiden Voyage. Make your way to the shipwrecked ship, known as the Magpie’s Fortune, and climb it to the top. Reach to the top, on the western side, and find the ship’s wheel. The journal, They Gave it a Name, will be to the right of it.

Lost Secrets journal

Starting from the journal’s location, They Gave it a Name, turn around, and there should be a crow’s nest you can climb. Make it to the top, and the book should be sitting on the edge of the nest.

So Near and Yet … journal

Return to the journal location, They Gave it a Name, and make your back down to the Magpie’s Fortune. There should be a bridge linking the two sections of the ship together. Make it to the other side, and it will be on the bottom level, leaning against some barrels amongst many vines.

My Secret Plan journal

Starting from the So Near and Yet … journal, the My Secret Plan journal is on the other side of the ship, where you found the previous two. However, you cannot reach it until you obtain a key called Old Sailor’s Key. You can find it by turning around from the So Near and Yet … journal location and making it to the top of the ship. There is a mast connecting the ship to a waterfall. Cross it, and in the water, to the right of the broken mast, will be a key, next to several rocks.

Once you the key, return to the Magpie’s Fortune, to the left of where you found the key. Proceed to the last level of the ship, and there will be a locked door blocking access to the Hideout. Use the Old Sailor’s Key to access the location, and the My Secret Plan journal will be leaning against a stool to the left of where you fall.

The Sea of the Damned journal

Return to the bottom, back to the campfire. From there, turn around to the waterfall to the left of it, and go into the spring. Behind the waterfall is a cave, and if you follow it, the journal will be leaning against the rock next to a partially buried skeleton that is reaching for a map.

Lords of the Sea journal

Return to the campfire at the center of the island, and turn around. To the left of the Magpie’s Fortune is a small cave, next to the waterfall cutting down the ship’s middle. Follow the cave, and you will find a small bridge connecting that portion of the island to the next. But do not cross the bridge yet. Go back closer to the cave entrance, and a few trees are blocking a path leading down, and you can find the Lords of the Sea journal lean against some rocks next to a ladder.

Making Camp journal

From the Lords of the Sea journal location, go up the ladder to continue up the path to the mountain. You want to follow the path that leads you up the mountain, and there will be a pair of torches, with a door in the middle of them. Turn to the door, and open it using the lever to the left of the door. The door will come up and reveal a campfire hidden on the side of the mountain. The Making Camp journal will be in the middle of a crate, to the campfire’s left.

Paintings of the Past journal

You can find this journal at the top of the highest peak on the island. Leave the Make Campfire journal cave, and continue up the mountain, following the path, and this will take you to the peak of the mountain. You’ll have to jump on several rocks to find the journal next to a small stool with bottles nearby.

A Ship That Fits journal

To find this journal, dive into the water and make your way to the eastern portion of the island. On the far side of it, going a little south by southwest, you will find an opening that leads you to a cave with a rowboat inside of it. Enter the cave, and on the right side is a ladder. Go up the ladder, and the journal will be against the rock next to a grate. The cave will be underneath the Paintings of the Past journal.