All Meditation Spot locations in the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There are two Meditation Spots to find in the Fields. Here are their locations.


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Welcome to the Fields. They are filled with collectibles to discover and places to see. As with any area in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it is time to do some exploring. Among the things you can discover in this area are two Meditation Spots. This means two chances to increase your maximum health (which is always a bonus). Here are their locations.

Top of the well

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After being able to explore the fields without them being on fire, you will be tasked with cleansing the Ancient Well. Climb the well. When you reach the large stone platform, you will notice a ledge off to the side away from the well. It is between two rocks that can be blown apart to find crystals underneath. Climb the ledge and the Meditation Spot is on top overlooking the sea.

At the Forge

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The second Meditation Spot comes much later in the story. Progress through the story to the point where you defeat the Stone Guardian boss. You will be at the forge now. Go through the building and out the other side. Turn right. Instead of taking the elevator, continue to the right to go back inside the building. Look up and you will see a climbing point. Climb up the wall and onto the rafters to the hole in the ceiling. Jump the gap to the hole in the other ceiling. The Meditation Spot is inside.