All new villagers in the Animal CrossingNew Horizons 2.0.0 Update

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0.0 has packed even more villagers into the game. The update brings 16 new villagers for players to try and entice to their island. This means all new personalities could be looking for homes on your island, or holiday homes if you purchase the new DLC.

Below, you will find a full list of the new villagers, as well as their animal types. Some of these are already been very much embraced by the community, but remember, each villager deserves a chance to potentially become your personal favorite.

  • Ace the bird
  • Azalea the rhino
  • Cephalobot the robot octopus
  • Chabwick the penguin
  • Faith the koala
  • Frett the dog
  • Ione the squirrel
  • Marlo the hamster
  • Petri the mouse
  • Quinn the eagle
  • Rio the ostrich
  • Roswell the alligator
  • Sasha the rabbit
  • Shino the deer
  • Tiangsheng the monkey
  • Zoe the anteater

When it comes to actually getting the villagers to set up home on your island, you can do it a number of ways.

  • The campsite – pretty early in you time with the game you build a campsite, and potential villagers can visit your island and fall in love with it.
  • Visit mystery islands – going on mystery island tours by using Nook Miles allows you to potentially run into other villagers and invite them to your island. The odds of this are quite low, however.
  • From other players – if another player has a villager they don’t like, and the villager is leaving their island, you can visit on their last day and invite them to yours.
  • Amiibo cards – if you purhcase a pack of Amiibo cards, you might just get lucky and get the villager that you want.