All propaganda tower locations in Halo Infinite

The good news is that these propaganda towers are easy to find and demolish.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite takes a few steps away from the ‘tried-and-true’ approach of titles in the past. The Master Chief contends with a lost battle, where the Banished have taken control of Zeta, and now the Chief needs to take it back.

An interesting aspect of this is propaganda towers, where the Banished have an amusing voice towards survivors of the war for Zeta. The Master Chief is tasked with taking them down during his exploits, and in doing so, receives Valor (for spawning weapons and vehicles at FOBs) and also the ever-present achievement of ‘Off the Air.’

There are 40 propaganda towers broadcasting mostly comical bits that span Zeta. However, the good news is that these towers are easy to pinpoint based on the audio. Find the general location using the maps below, and use your ears. Forewarned is forearmed; however, all towers are guarded in some form.

Act 1 – Recovery

Screenshot by Gamepur

5 total towers for the first island in Halo Infinite.

Act 2 – Excavation

Screenshot by Gamepur

18 propaganda towers are found within the second land mass of Halo Infinite.

Act 3 – Pelican Down

Screenshot by Gamepur

Only 4 to be dismantled with a few well-placed bullets for this segment, and they’re mostly located near objectives.

Act 4 – Sequence

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are 13 towers across the final area of the campaign, and bring heavier defenses to bear with them. At this point, however, players have access to a few flying vehicles to make it easier. A few Banshee rockets ought to stop the Grunts from talking as much.