All Sea of Thieves Tall Tale locations

There are several tall tales, and these are extensive adventures.

The Sea of Thieves is full of adventures and activities for you and your friends to participate in while sailing a ship. You can spend your entire adventure sailing your vessel, if you don’t explore the islands, fight other pirates, or check out the quests, you’re missing out on a lot of the game. Some of the larger pieces of content you can do are tall tales. These require you and your party to spend quite a bit of time traveling all over the game, figuring out puzzles, and work together to complete the various challenges.

For those who want to check out these extensive adventures, here are all of the starting locations for the tall tales.

All Tall Tale locations

Art of the Trickster

The tall tale, Art of the Trickster, starts at the Plunder Valley. The island is on tile G16. You need to speak with Salty, and you find them on the eastern shore of the island. Unlike the other tale tale individuals you meet in Sea of Thieves, Salty is a bird.

Stars of a Thief

The Stars of a Thief tall tale requires for you to speak to Sudds at the North Star Seapost. The Seaposts are similar to the islands you start on, but you have to go a bit more of out of your way to find them. The North Star Seapost is a small island on tile H10.

The Cursed Rogue

To start The Cursed Rogue tall tale, you need to speak to Madame Olivia. You can find them at Plunder Outpost. The island is on tiles J18 and K18, to the northwest of Thieves’ Haven. Madame Olivia will be in the north section of the island. You can only access this tale tell after completing The Shroudbreaker.

The Fate of the Morningstar

The Fate of the Morningstar is a unique tale tell. Unlike the others where you can find them on islands, this one is available when you die. You need to speak with the Ferryman, and they’re flying the Ferry of the Damned. You can access this quest after completing The Legendary Storyteller, the Stars of a Thief, Wild Rose, and The Art of the Trickster tale tales.

The Legendary Storyteller

For The Legendary Storyteller tall tale, you need to visit Tasha. You can find them at the Ancient Spire Outpost, which is on tile Q17. Tasha is inside the tavern. You can interact with the book next to her to start the adventure. You can access this tall tale after completing The Cursed Rogue.

The Revenge of the Morningstar

The Revenge of the Morningstar is a tale tale you can access by speaking to Sandra. You can find them on Dagger Tooth Outpost, which is one tile M8. You can find her right next to the dock on the south side of the island. You need to have completed the Fate of the Morningstar tale tell to access this one.

The Shores of Gold

The Shores of Gold is a tale tale that has you assist the Gold Hoarders company. They’re attempting to protect their treasure from the impending skeleton attacks. You can start this tale tale by visiting Gracie at Morrow’s Peak Outpost, located on tile V17. You can find her at the center of the island. You can access this after completing the Revenge of the Morningstar quest.

The Shroudbreaker

The Shroudbreaker tall tale is an adventure you can start at any of the taverns located at the outposts in Sea of Thieves. The taverns are starting locations. When you wake up, turn towards the mysterious stranger and look at the book next to him the barrel. You can start the quest by accepting it.

Wild Rose

For those seeking to start the Wild Rose tale tall, you need to speak to Madame Olive. You can find her at the Sanctuary Outpost, which is on tile F7. She’s on the northwest portion of the island, next to one of the docks.