All September Mega Evolution-themed event dates and times in Pokémon Go

Mega Evolution events are coming in September.

Image via Niantic

September will have plenty for trainers to do in Pokémon Go with the new Mega Evolution mechanic. A select number of Pokémon will be able to transform past their final evolution phase to become even more powerful. There are even more features alongside the Mega Raids where trainers earn Mega Energy to power these new evolutions. Niantic is celebrating the arrival of Mega Evolution by filling September with various Mega Evolution-themed events.

There are three events trainers can participate in throughout September involving Mega Evolutions.

  • September 1 to September 7 is all about Mega Raids – You will have to complete as many Mega Raids as possible to earn Mega Energy for your Pokémon. Your Pokémon need Mega Energy to utilize the new transformation.
  • September 11 to September 17 is all about battling with Mega Evolutions – Use Mega Evolved Pokémon in Gym, Team Rocket, and trainer battles. The trainer battles are not the battle league, but the battle challenges you send them to other players on your friend’s list.
  • September 22 to September 28 is all about showing off your Mega Pokémon – Take your Mega Evolved Pokémon out as a battle to explore the world and take snapshots of them to share on social media using the #GOsnapshot.

These events will be happening throughout September. At this time, we do not know the rewards for participating in these events, or if they feature any additional bonuses for taking part in them. We’ll be updating this guide when we learn those details.