All Skulls in Halo: CE Master Chief Collection and how to get them

Master Chief never had it easy.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Skulls in Halo: CE act like modifiers that impact your game. You can choose to turn them on for a greater challenge or to make things a little easier. They can impact the game in various ways to make it more fun to play. Previously, skulls needed to be collected from specific locations in the game, but now you can activate them all from the main menu in the Master Chief Collection.

To activate skulls in Halo: CE, click on the mission you want to play in the missions menu, then click on the skulls tab. From there, you can click on each skull to activate it and then click on Accept Skulls to confirm your choices. All the skulls will have various modifiers, and score multipliers, attached to them.

All Skulls and their modifiers

Skulls are broken into two groups, Scoring and Non-Scoring.


AngerEnemies fire their weapons faster and more frequently.1.10x
Black EyeYour shields only recharge when you melee enemies. 1.10x
BlindHUD and weapon do not display on screen. 1.10x
CatchEnemies throw and drop more grenades. 1.10x
Eye PatchAuto-aim features disabled for all weapons. 1.10x
FamineWeapons dropped by AI have half ammo. 1.20x
FogThe motion tracker is disabled.1.10x
ForeignYou cannot use or pick up Covenant weapons. 1.10x
IronDying in coop resets you to the last checkpoint. Dying in solo resets the mission. 1.30x
MythicEnemies have increased health. 1.20x
RecessionEvery shot takes twice as much ammo.1.20x
That’s just wrongIncreases enemy awareness of the player. 1.10x
ThunderstormUpgrades the rank of most enemies. 1.20x
Tough LuckEnemies always go berzerk, dive out of the way, and never flee.1.10x


BandanaInfinite ammo.0.00x
BoomExplosion radius increased x2.1.00x
GhostAI no longer flinch from attacks.1.00x
MalfunctionEverytime you respawn, a random HUD element is disabled.1.00x
Grunt FuneralGrunts die in a blaze of glory.1.00x
Grunt Birthday PartyGrunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations.1.00x
PinataPunching enemies makes them drop grenades.1.00x
SputnikMass of objects is decreased. 1.00x