All Stands in Roblox Project Star

Find the rarity of your desired Stand.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Project Star is a newly released Roblox game inspired by the popular anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Much like Roblox A Universal Time, there are several Stands present in the game, each with its own unique attributes. To help players, here is a list of every Stand available, along with its drop rarity in the game.

  • Cream- 3% drop rate
  • Death Thirteen- 5% drop rate
  • Emperor- 20% drop rate
  • Hermit Purple- 10% drop rate
  • Horus- 6% Chance
  • Hierophant Green- 10% drop rate
  • Judgment- 15% drop rate
  • Magician’s Red- 5% drop rate
  • Prime Star Platinum The World- 0.25% drop rate
  • Silver Chariot- 10% drop rate
  • Star Platinum- 2.5% drop rate
  • Sun- 1% drop rate
  • The Fool- 7.5% drop rate
  • The World- 0.2% drop rate
  • Tower of Gray- 20% drop rate

How to get a Stand

Players can acquire a Stand through one of the three Arrows available in the game. These Arrows are scattered throughout Cairo City with different drop rates. That said, the Stand you receive is random, and it boils down to the Rarity of the Arrow.

  • Stand Arrow- 1x Rarity
  • Unusual Stand Arrow- 1.5x Rarity
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow- 2x Rarity

There is also Cursed Stand Arrow, which boasts a 100x rarity, but it can only be acquired through D’arby Item Roll in DIO’s mansion and will cost a hefty 5,000 Cash or 50 Robux.