All Status Conditions and their effects in Temtem

Knowing how to deal with Status Conditions is the difference between winning and losing.


Temtem is a game about collecting creatures, training them to fight, and becoming the greatest Temtem Tamer ever to throw a TemCard. If you want to be the best, you will need to know all about Status Conditions, and how they can affect your ability to fight.

Status Conditions will cause an effect on your Temtem, which can damage them, put them to sleep, or knock them out. Understanding what the Status Conditions do will be important, as there are ways to counter them. If you see a Temtem that does a particularly dangerous type of Status, then you always want to try and take them out of the fight as early as you can.

Status Condition Effect
AsleepSleeping Temtem cannot attack, but will awaken when they take damage. Mental-types are immune.
BurntThe Temtem will lose 1/16 health every turn. Attack and Special Attack reduced by 30 percent. Fire-types are immune. It can be removed with Cold and Frozen.
ColdIf Cold is afflicted twice, the Temtem becomes Frozen and cannot attack.
DoomTemtem will faint when the turn counter hits zero.
ExhaustedStamina costs are increased by 50 percent.
FrozenFrozen Temtem cannot move. It can be removed with Burnt.
ImmuneGrants immunity to any new status conditions.
PoisonedTemtem will lose 1/8 of their health every turn. Toxic-types are immune.
RegenerateTemtem will regenerate 1/10 of their health each turn.
SeizedThe Temtem’s Gear will no longer have an effect.
VigorizedStamina costs will decrease by 50 percent.

To deal with unwanted Status Conditions, drop into the various Temporiums that are dotted around the game. You can buy one-time use items that will cure your Temtem of just about any Status Condition. You should also fully explore the world, as items can be found in chests. If you are struggling with a fight, be sure to try to set your squad up in such a way that your Temtem will be immune to the Status Conditions that your enemies do.