All Trickity Tower Cat Shine Shards locations in Bowser’s Fury

Slow and steady.

Image via Nintendo

Trickity Towers is one of the more annoying levels in Bowser’s Fury due to its use of invisible platforms and tricky terrain.

For this set of Cat Shards, we haven’t provided a map due to how the course is created. The level won’t appear until you are walking on or near a platform, so it’s hard to map out an area that visibly isn’t there.

Still, if you progress through the level naturally, you should come across all five Cat Shines with ease. You can also look around the empty level to see the Cat Shards exact location up above before you even start climbing the invisible platforms.

Cat Shard #1

Screengrab via Nintendo

The first Cat Shard is easy to get but easily missed if you run through the level. It is in the water by the small island.

Cat Shard #2

Screengrab via Nintendo

Up the first slope, you’ll see the Cat Shard ahead of you on top of the first enemies head.

Cat Shard #3

Screengrab via Nintendo

Progressing through the level, you will eventually come across a bit stack of boxes. Don’t destroy them and lookup. The Cat Shard is above them. You will need Cat Mario to climb up and get them.

Cat Shard #4

Screengrab via Nintendo

Part of the level and can’t be missed.

Cat Shard #5

Screengrab via Nintendo

Near the end of the level. You’ll notice it when coming up the final slope. Just work your way slowly towards it.