All voice actors in Wild Hearts – Full voice cast

Meet the actors who keep Minato safe.

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Wild Hearts is a cooperative, focused monster-hunting game where players must track down dangerous Kemono alongside an eccentric cast of characters. The story and narrative focus of Wild Hearts sets it apart from other games in the genre, with each character having extensive dialogue sequences and set-piece moments during the campaign. These are all of the voice actors who bring the Wild Hearts cast to life.

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Wild Hearts voice cast

Natsume – Miracle Vell Magic

image via Miracle Vell Magic Twitter

Natsume is the first citizen of Minato in the story, and she doubles as your blacksmith. She is brought to life by Miracle Vell Magic, a singer, influencer, and Youtuber. She creates lifestyle vlogs and music on her YouTube channel.

Ujishige – Yuki Matsuzaki

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Yuki Matsuzaki is a veteran actor known for his roles in feature films such as The Last Samurai and The Man in High Castle. He lends his charisma and style to Ujishige, an old samurai who plays the role of a cranky mentor with a heart of gold.

Suzuran – Crystal Kay

image via IMDB

Crystal Kay is a multi-platinum recording artist known for her single hit Shine. She has dabbled briefly in voice acting, but Wild Hearts will be her first breakout role. She plays Suzuran, a carpenter lovingly called Sensei by the citizens of Minato due to her wisdom and knowledge of the Kemono.

Seren – Yurié Collins

Image via Yurié Collins Instagram

Yurié Collins is an actress who has appeared in television series such as Gotham and Orange is the New Black. She plays the role of Seren, a grizzled veteran who leads a group of builders to fortify the town of Minato against the Kemono.

Mujina – Yuta Koga

image via Yuta Koga’s website

Yuta Koga is a Japanese actor and filmmaker. He has directed music videos and featured in the short film Sugar Glass Bottle. He lends his voice to a mysterious musician and hermit, Mujina. This character has a mask that changes form based on his mood, and he consistently questions the hunter on why they choose to hunt.

Yatarō – Mai Nakazato

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Mai Nakazato has appeared in films and shorts such as Devastation: Mortal Flames and The First English Lesson in Japanese History. Mai plays the role of Yatarō, leader of the Crafts Guild, who creates an assortment of stylish ornaments players can wear.

Nobumitsu Tsumori – Kane Kosugi

image via IMDB

Kane Kosugi is an actor who has direct ties to the gaming industry. He has played fighting game legends Kazuya in the film adaptation of Tekken and Ryu Hayabusa in the film DOA: Dead or Alive. In Wild Hearts, he plays Nobumitsu. As the leader of the Fishermans Guild, he grants players access to various bounties.

Kōgyoku – Marika Dandoy

image via Marika Dandoy Twitter

Marika Dandoy is a singer and actor who has appeared in School of Rock: The Musical. She plays Kōgyoku, the owner of the Crimson Treasury, which is the primary market for buying and selling essential items.

Tamakazura – Takayuki Yanagi

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Takayuki Yanagi is a veteran actor who starred in action-packed films such as Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Ichigou. He plays the role of Tamakazura, a proprietor and manager of Minato’s bathhouse. This bath can give you hunter various buffs before heading into battle.

Minato is led by Toga-Hime, a 12-year-old tasked with becoming Minato’s steward. She is voiced by Asia Grace Sawane, and her character will grant you Hunter ranks as you progress through Wild Hearts.