Where To Find Treasure Chests In Anthem

If you are at the Trials of Yvenia mission in Anthem, then you know you need to gather up 15 treasure chests to proceed with the game. While it is a little frustrating, it is just an attempt to teach you the importance of these chests. Treasure chests are filled with building materials, embers and maybe even gear. As such, knowing where to find them quickly is a big help.

Where To Find Treasure Chests In Anthem

Anthem Treasure Chest

The first thing to note is that treasure chests spawn will spawn in Freeplay mode. They also have fixed spawn sites, meaning if you find a chest in one spot, there is a very good chance you will find one there again on another Expedition. Chests can spawn above ground, below ground, and even below water. A good example of chests spawning underwater is in the two-deep pools at the bottom of the waterfall outside the Tarsis spawn point.

Chests will also spawn at the end of a completed World Event. This can include anything from fighting one of the massive Titans to trying to rescue a Sentinel or avenge a fallen Freelancer. Once you finish the event, the chest will spawn. Treasure chests will also spawn at certain points during Strongholds. While this won’t help you for the Trials of Yvenia mission, it is useful to know.

Finally, dotted around the map are small archway symbols that denote Hidden Places. They usually will contain at least one chest that you can loot.

An important note for people doing the Trials of Yvenia! At the moment, due to a bug, the chest will only be counted if you are the one who opens it. If someone else in your party opens the chest, it will not count towards your quest. While the required 15 chests might seem like a lot, I got through this very quickly by playing Freeplay mode and just staying solo.