Are there promo codes for Realm Royale? (2021)

You’ve got to move quickly on them.


Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Realm Royale took off around the time that PUBG was becoming popular, and it seemed like every developer was trying to capitalize on the battle royale craze. As a result, Realm Royale has maintained a core player base of fans who enjoy the game. However, one thing that sets the title apart is its codes. This guide explains why Realm Royale codes are different and how to find them for yourself.

Are there promo codes for Realm Royale?

There are promo codes for Realm Royale, but they’re on-time use codes that expire as soon as a single player redeems them in-game. As such, it seems like there are no codes for the game. In truth, you need to be quicker than every other player if you want to redeem a code and claim its reward.

How to find Realm Royale codes

There are two main sources of promo codes for Realm Royale. The first is the game’s official Twitter account, where codes are regularly shared. Keep an eye on it throughout the day, and you’ll find that you pick up a few codes here and there before everyone else.

The second source of codes is streamers, content creators, and press outlets. Keep an eye on your favorite streamers who play the game, and you may find that they offer codes to their viewers. These are generally handed out in drops of five codes or so to keep engagement high, but some websites have been known to offer hundreds of codes compiled into an image that’s shared on Twitter.

How to redeem Realm Royale codes

  • Launch Realm Royale
  • Click on the Armory in the main menu
  • Select the Redeem a Code option
  • Type in the code you wish to redeem
  • Confirm the code to claim the reward or be told that the code has expired