Back 4 Blood – Failed to sign in Hydra is in maintenance mode error explained

Not quite ready yet.

Back 4 Blood

If you have been eagerly watching the download bar on Back 4 Blood, then nearly dislocated a finger to hit the Play button, we understand why you might be confused about getting stopped at the login screen. If you have been getting a “Failed to log in – Hydra is in maintenance mode” when trying to get into the game, the explanation is simple.

The servers are not active yet. There is nothing wrong with your code, beta access, connection, or you for that matter. You just have to wait until the server goes online.

The servers are due to go online at 12 PM PST on August 5, but that doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. It might take longer than that, there could be server issues, there could be further connection and log-on issues through the course of the Beta. For a good idea as to what exactly is happening, keep an eye on the Turtle Rock Studios’ Twitter account for updates all the way up to launch.

Back 4 Blood is a spiritual follow-up to Turtle Rock Studio’s seminal Left 4 Dead series. The development team wants to go back and iterate on the genre that they created, bringing it into the modern-day with modern mechanics, technology, and by taking full advantage of the Unreal Engine.

While we are all very eager to dive in and get in some tense situations with zombies, you’ll need to be a little patient and understanding on this one. It is a Beta, after all, this is exactly the kind of thing that you should expect when jumping into a game this early in development.