Best characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Tier List

Every character ranked.

Image via Nexon

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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a turn-based RPG based on a popular anime series of the same name. Since the game is a gacha, there are several summonable characters available. These characters possess a unique set of skills and attributes, which help you progress in the game. That said, not every character is viable, and some are simply stronger than others. To help players pick the right character, we’ve put together a list ranking every character in the game.

S+ Tier

  • Melissa – Treasure Hunter
  • Iris – Royal Holiday

S Tier

  • Cielo – Dancer Adventurer
  • Chris – High-Flying Thief
  •  Megumin – Nice Explosion!!

A Tier

  • Aqua – Nature’s Beauty
  •  Erika – Axel Hearts
  • Amy – The Happy Maid Experience
  •  Dust – Delinquent Adventurer
  •  Arue – Best Bod
  • Wiz – Ice Witch

B Tier

  • Mia – Mischievous Beast Girl
  •  Lia – Dancer Adventurer
  •  Cecily – Bunny Girl Propaganda
  • Yunyun – Megumin’s Friend
  • Mitsurugi – Good Boy Dealer

C Tier

  • Kazuma – Shut-In No More
  • Darkness – Get Out of the Hotsprings Before You Faint!

Keep in mind character tier list is subjective, and it can vary according to a player’s preference and playstyle. Furthermore, different quests demand a different set of characters which can influence the tier list as well. Ultimately, players should try different characters and see which one suits them the best.