Best Dragon Ball Super Card Game starter decks

Start off with the best options.

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The Dragon Ball Super card game features your favorite Z fighters from the hit animation show, Dragon Ball Super. You can pit bitter rivals Goku and Vegeta against each other, or even have Freiza square off against Broly or other notable villains that have been introduced throughout the franchise. If you’re just getting started with the game, what deck to choose can be a little intimidating. Luckily, there are a few options available to you that make playing the game easy.

The Awakening

The Awakening was one of the first starter decks to launch alongside the game. It features Super Saiyan God Goku as the leader, and there are several other notable Z-fighters in the deck. While there’s nothing fancy or advanced in the deck, it’s a great choice for players looking to try out the game and see if they enjoy the mechanics. The deck features four exclusive cards beyond the leader: God Rush Son Goku, SS3 Son Goku Maximum Energy, Rapid Spirit Ball Son Goku, and Vegeta Prince of Speed.

Instinct Surpassed

For fans of the Tournament of Power arc in the anime, you’ll have your chance to use your favorite Z-fighters who battled in the name of Universe 7. The deck leader is Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Hero of Universe 7, and while in his awakened state, he provides power to other teammates in the battle area, so long as they are one of the Universe 7 members. You lean heavily on making sure you utilize these characters throughout the fight, and they have a distinct synergy for each other that make them truly effective. The deck features four exclusive cards beyond the leader: Friendly Rival Frieza, Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Universal Impulse, SSB Vegeta Steadfast Ally, and We’re In This Together!

Rising Broly

Broly fans rejoice. There’s an entire deck devoted to using this incredibly powerful Saiyan and increasing their power as high as you can to make them truly unstoppable. This particular deck revolves around the Broly movie that took place after the Tournament of Power saga. As you might imagine, the deck leader is Broly, and if you empower Broly to his highest strength, you’ll be able to directly damage an opponent and force them to discard cards left and right. This deck also increases the number of exclusive cards from five to 10. Many of the cards were inspired by the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, with two of them having special gold leaf foils. The deck features nine exclusive cards beyond the leader: Broly the Ravager, Broly Rushing Forth, Defending Father Paragus, Cheelai Frieza Force Soldier, Lemo Frieza Force Soldier, Son Goku Time to Fight, Vegeta Time to Fight, Godly Destruction Whis, and Goldy Destruction Beerus.

Clan Collusion

You can throwback to a time where Frieza had several transformations, rather than the one Golden version. The deck focuses on Frieza when Goku and the other Z-fighters battled against him and his forces on Namek. The deck also features the new Unison system, a new, powerful card type separate from the leader or battle areas. Several of the notable and exclusive cards in the deck lean on having the Unison card activated, so you’ll want to utilize it immediately when facing any opponent. The deck features four exclusive cards beyond the leader: Frieza: Xeno Darkness Overflowing, Ginyu Frieza’s Greatest Soldier, Zarbon Frieza’s Right-hand Man, and Dodoria Frieza’s Devoted Servant.

Spirit of Potara

Vegito and Gogeta fans have the chance to use both in the ultimate fusion deck. It’s the only way Vegeta and Goku have found the best way to work together, and the deck features another Unison card, Gogeta. With it, you’ll be able to prevent your leader from being attacked, forcing your opponent to work around your other, weaker cards before tackling the one that will lower your life points. Plus, if your leader card, Vegito, is in its awakened state, you’ll be able to provide a triple strike skill to Gogeta, making them even more fearsome as the game continues. The deck features four exclusive cards beyond the leader: Gogeta Pursuit of Power, SSB Son Goku Tenacious Warrior, SSB Vegeta Heroic Warrior, and SS Trunks Architect of Peace.