Best L-shaped gaming desks

The key ingredient for a stellar gaming setup.

It’s no wonder why so many streamers are making the switch from a traditional office desk to an L-shaped gaming desk. Whether you want to conduct streams or have all your consoles in one place, an L-shape desk feels like you are in control of your own cockpit. Although poor quality may break that experience, and so, out of the thousands available online, here are some of the L-shaped desks we think you need to lean toward.

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped

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Typically, gaming-focused products tend to be flashy and colorful. However, Tibesigns Modern L-Shaped is a subtle but classy piece of furniture best utilized for any type of player. It includes a wheeled tray to hold a console or PC, with its long side reaching out more than 66 inches. All four variants are wood-based, coming in either black, mahogany brown, white, or walnut brown.

Mr Ironstone

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Bannered as an “Amazon’s Choice” best-seller, the Mr Ironside L-shaped desk is a great beginner. It’s not the largest desk on the list, but its quite simplistic and easy to build. In fact, the article you are reading right now was written on the very desk – so take our word for it. At 50 inches on each end, the piece can hold up to four monitors and comes with some pretty durable wood. We recommend the black countertop version, as its best to avoid prints or visible scratches.

Eureka Ergonomic 60 inch

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The Eureka Ergonomic 60 inch is something of a compact L-shaped desk. Though, the long end is wider than most. So, this is especially best for those with PCs as you’ll find more space to use your keyboard and mouse. Although the base is only supported by four thick legs, it’s entirely metal, so there should be no worry of collapses. Your PC or console will stay safe, and look excellent on this shiny best-seller.

Z-Line Belaire Glass

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If you aren’t interested in the wood makings of other desks, the Belaire Glass L-shaped desk is a good target to go after. It runs at a good deal, considering it also delivers a pullout keyboard holder, two 60 inch wings, and a high-rise pedestal for your monitors. Its design brings enough sturdiness so that you can even place a wide television on one end, with your monitors on the other.

Bush Furniture Cabot

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The Bush Cabot L-shaped desk isn’t considered a gaming desk, but its features beg for tech enthusiasts to own it. Its biggest ‘it-factor’ is that it’s integrated with a 4-port USB hub, which is perfect for those looking to charger multiple controllers. Two drawers and a cabinet are also built-in on opposite ends, with each side expanding 60 inches. It’s not the friendliest price-wise, but it’s features make it a great steal.

Walker Edison Modern Corner

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The Walker Edison Modern Corner Desk combines all of the best offerings from other desks and forms one astounding and popular piece of furniture. With a glass top, the wings spread out more than 50 inches. Although cheaper than others, the material is top-notch, and so is its supportive metal bottom. Its page description insists its price is small enough to justify buying two – ultimately transforming it into the Optimus Prime of desks. No matter what you decide, this buy has a lot of upsides.

Teraves Reversible

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From its waterproof but vintage wood top, adjustable legs, and safe round corners, the Teraves Reversible L-shaped Desk is undoubtedly consumer-friendly. As a new but top-rated product on Amazon, it may become a big-ticket item for streamers. On one side, owners can install two small panels that are perfect for holding either games or consoles. For PC users, it also comes with a movable computer tray you can place underneath. Furthermore, its long-side expands to almost 70 inches, with its short side reaching about 53 inches. So, no matter how wide your monitor is, there will surely be no issues.

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